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Wire Rope Clips To Carry Out Regular Lubrication

Crane in the enterprise production process to bring human efficiency, convenience, fast at the same time, due to mechanical insecurity, frequent accidents, to the country caused economic losses, to the parties and their families caused by pain. One of the main causes of this accident is the Wire Rope Clips failure. Therefore, it is necessary to master the fault law and precautionary measures of Wire Rope Clips. On the use of Wire Rope Clips on the crane, the specifications of a wide variety, the use of thousands of different, but generally with the use of time, there may be a failure. The main faults are the following six kinds: wear, fatigue, corrosion, deformation, bite rope, overload. This requires special equipment management personnel in the standard operation of the operator at the same time, but also pay attention to the crane Wire Rope Clips failure, according to the crane situation to develop a thorough and feasible preventive measures.

 First, the characteristics of Wire Rope Clips

Steel Wire Rope Clips is the most widely used on the crane around the object, it changes the motor movement of the hanging hook movements and take all the lifting load, it is good winding, carrying capacity, the impact of the impact load Strong, winding process smooth, no noise.

Second, the structure and type of Wire Rope Clips

The Wire Rope Clips is made of many high strength steel wires with tensile strength of 120-200kg / mm2. Wire Rope Clips according to different uses, divided into single-winding, double around, triple around three. Crane used double Wire Rope Clips. Wire Rope Clips according to its different twist method can be divided into a rope around the rope (left, right), winding Wire Rope Clips.

Third, the rope failure and preventive measures

(A) wear

Wire Rope Clips in the operation, in the mechanical, physical and chemical role, the surface is also constantly wear. Wear is the most common fault in Wire Rope Clips.


(1) external wear

Wire Rope Clips in the course of its use and the pulley groove, roll wall, hook head and other objects caused by surface wear and tear are external wear. After the external wear of the rope will be thinner, the outer surface of the thin wire was polished. The external wear of the Wire Rope Clips reduces the cross-sectional area of the wire subjected to the load, and the breaking load of the Wire Rope Clips is reduced accordingly.

(2) deformation wear

Due to vibration caused by the rope surface wear, called deformation wear, which is a local wear phenomenon. This deformation of the deformation due to local extrusion and deformation, the cross-section of the cross-section in the extrusion at both sides of the stretch into a wing shape. From the outside, steel wire width expansion, although the cross-sectional area of Wire Rope Clips is much smaller, but the local extrusion of the surface of the steel material hardened, and easy broken wire.

(3) internal wear

In the course of use, the Wire Rope Clips through the reel or pulley when the full load on the side of the Wire Rope Clips, the thickness of each wire can not be exactly the same radius. At the same time, due to the bending of the Wire Rope Clips, the wire inside the wire will produce a small force on each other and produce a slip, then the stock and the stock between the contact stress increases, so that adjacent steel wire between the local indentation. When the repeated bending and bending, in the deep concave stress generated by the concentration was broken, constitute the internal wear.

2. Prevent wear precautions

(1) the crane in the operation of the operation process, the weight does not exceed the rated weight;

(2) crane Wire Rope Clips according to the type of work and the environment to choose the appropriate Wire Rope Clips;

(3) regular lubrication of the Wire Rope Clips (according to the working environment to determine the lubrication cycle);

(4) overweight machine in the operation do not make the abrasive rope by the sudden impact;

(5) in high temperature and corrosive media environment, the Wire Rope Clips must be installed.