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Wire Rope Clips Correct And Safe To Use

According to the diameter of the Wire Rope Clips, the type and quantity of the clamp should be selected reasonably. Use should be noted:

1. When choosing the rope clamp, the inner net distance of U-ring should be bigger than that of the Wire Rope Clips diameter, and the 1~3mm of the net-offset assembly makes the card buckle connection card not fasten the Wire Rope Clips, causing the slip and accident.

2. Buckle bolts must be tightened, generally with steel Wire Rope Clips compressed ~ diameter of the Quasi

3. The U-shaped part should be contacted with the steel wire line, and can not be reversed with the main rope; the rope clamp should be arranged in a smooth and equidistant arrangement;

4. In order to facilitate the inspection of the rope clamp joint is safe or reliable or timely detection of Wire Rope Clips joint parts sliding, generally, after the last rope clip about 500mm to add a clamp, and the wire line out a "safety bend"; if the Wire Rope Clips joint occurs sliding, it can visualize the phenomenon of "safety bending" being straightened, At this time, the treatment measures should be taken in time.

Steel Clamp Head

, also known as Wire Rope Clips chuck, Wire Rope Clips card mouth. The Wire Rope Clips chuck is mainly used for the temporary connection of Wire Rope Clipss and the fixing of the rope when the Wire Rope Clips is worn around the emu, as well as the fixing of the wind rope line on the bar, it is a wide Wire Rope Clips clamp in hoisting and hoisting operation. The purpose of this paper is to introduce the correct and safe use method.

1, steel wire line use steel wire clamp should conform to gb/t5976-2006 "Wire Rope Clips clamp" standard products.

2, the size of the clip to fit the thickness of the Wire Rope Clips, U-Ring of the inside of the net distance, than the diameter of the Wire Rope Clips 1~3mm, the net is too big not easy to tighten rope, prone to accidents. The steel wire clamp shall be pressed on the working section of the Wire Rope Clips under the clamping seat, and the U-bolt is fastened on the end of the Wire Rope Clips. The Wire Rope Clips clamp shall not be arranged alternately on the Wire Rope Clips.

3, the number of cards is generally not less than 3-5, each connection at the minimum number of steel rope clips according to the following table selection:

4, the spacing of the rope should be ≥ 6 times times the diameter of the Wire Rope Clips, and the distance of the general wire clamp is equal to the diameter of $number steel rope.

5, fastening the steel wire clamp must consider each rope clamp reasonable force, from the sleeve ring furthest from the rope clamp should not be fastened first alone. The Rope clamp (the first clamp) closest to the ring should be as close as possible to the sleeve ring.

6, the top clamp must tighten the bolt until the rope is compressed $number diameter, and after the rope force, and then the chuck Bolt tightening once to ensure that the joint firmly and reliably.

7, the Chuck to a smooth arrangement, U-shaped part and line contact, can not contact with the main rope. If the U-shaped part is in contact with the main rope, the main rope is compressed and the force is easily broken. To make it easier to check the reliability of the joint and to find whether the Wire Rope Clips is sliding, a safety clamp can be installed. To make it easier to check the reliability of the joint and to find out if the Wire Rope Clips is slipping, a chuck can be line at about 500mm behind the last Chuck and release a "Safe Bend". In this way, when the Wire Rope Clips of the joint is sliding, the "safety bend" is first straightened and the action should be taken immediately.