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Stainless Steel Hook High Maneuverability And Convenient Operation

Stainless Steel Hook are almost one of the most important household items, can hang a lot of small objects, and will not destroy the wall, the transformation of smart and high, the operation is also very convenient.

However, the use of the process will often fall off the situation, very affect the use of feelings. If there is a frequent shedding of the situation can be saved? Now share a few tips to make the sucker hook at home stronger.

The Stainless Steel Hook with soapy water can also become firm! Put the soapy water on the hook inside the sucker, quickly glued to the wall and then hang things, with the soap water adsorption effect to enhance a grade!

When you do the eggs in your home, take out a little bit of egg and spread evenly on the back of the hook with the cotton swab! And then paste to the wall, such as egg clear dry thoroughly, and then hang things (generally need 12 hours or so) with the help of egg clear, Stainless Steel Hook become very solid, do not worry that sucker will often fall!

Think with egg clear more trouble, can toothpaste to replace, apply the right amount of toothpaste evenly on the back of the sucker hook on the wall, and so on after the toothpaste dry, and then hang things, this way, although the effect of adsorption than the egg clear, but better than soapy water, want to make the sucker hook more solid, egg clear and toothpaste the best effect Oh!

Sticky hook from the middle to the surrounding force, the suction sucker hook inside the air pressure out, the less the air, the better the absorption degree, the more effective!