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Eye Bolt And Nut To Prevent Sliding And Falling Off

The Eye Bolt And Nut stud is also used as a fastener for sheet metal, sheet, chassis and cabinet. The rivet nut stud has its hexagonal shape and the other end is cylindrical, hexagonal And the middle of the cylindrical column with an undercut, the internal shape of the internal thread, through the press will be pressed into the hexagonal head of the pre-set hole (preset hole diameter is generally slightly larger than the cylindrical diameter of the riveting stud) So that the perimeter of the hole plastic deformation, the deformation part is squeezed into the pressure rivet nut column indentation groove, so that the rivet nut stud riveting tightly on the sheet, so as to form a sheet on the effective fixed internal thread.

Pressure riveting studs from the use of different requirements can be divided into through-hole pressure riveting studs and blind hole pressure riveting stud two, it is worth noting that the through-hole riveting studs to a certain length are through the hole half The standard of teeth. Pressure riveting nut column from the material and the form of internal thread is divided into fast-cut steel through-hole riveting nut nut SO-type, stainless steel through-hole rivet nuts SOS type, fast cutting steel blind rivet nuts BSO and stainless steel blind Hole pressure rivet nut column BSOS type four, respectively, used in different use of the environment. Eye Bolt And Nuts do not have a specific national standard, the early manufacturers from the United States, was introduced into the domestic and gradually formed today's industry standards

Materials used to produce pressure riveting studs are carbon steel, medium carbon steel, stainless steel. The use of carbon steel or medium carbon steel produced by the pressure rivet nut column to heat treatment and surface galvanized or nickel plated.

Production of pressure riveting nut column equipment for the Taiwan precision automatic lathes, the spindle is equipped with five sets of tools, equipped with fine-tuning screws, drilling, tapping, milling, chamfering at the same time a processing completed, concentricity accurate, smooth surface without turning trace.

The use of Eye Bolt And Nut

Press the rivet nut column can be 0.5mm thick sheet on the riveting pressure installation, riveting pressure can be formed in the top of a solid internal thread. The use of riveting pressure equipment parallel to the head down into the use of pressure riveting studs and hexagonal edge of the sheet metal to prevent sliding and fall off.